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Behind every Bendix Ultimate disc brake rotor lies OE expertise, leading technology and precision engineering so you can put your foot down with confidence™. Bendix Ultimate Rotors offer the very latest in braking technology and manufacturing processes, and are the perfect complement to the extensive Bendix brake pad range.

High Carbon Metallurgy

Bendix ULTIMATE Rotors incorporate improved noise dampening characteristics and heat dissipation by utilising HIGH CARBON METALLURGY. The higher carbon formulation increases rotor strength at elevated temperatures, while with the high wear resistance from this increased strength increases rotor durability, reducing the chance of warping when very hot.

Rotors Product Page High Carbon Metallurgy

Diamond Tip Slot

Specifically designed slots and v-shaped dimples to more efficiently expel gasses, dirt and water. The balanced pattern has evolved from racing, and allows you to feel absolute control in hard braking situations. The specifically aligned slots and v-shaped dimples keep your brakes primed and ready for the next corner. Bendix Ultimate rotors use dimples, rather than holes, at the precise depth to give greater braking power, while still retaining the strength of a solid rotor.

Rotors Product Page Diamond Tip Slot

Swiftfit Coating

Bendix rotors feature SwiftFit surface protection that allows the rotor to be fitted immediately without the need to clean anti-rust oil or coating from the surface. SwiftFit surface protection prevents corrosion of the rotor resulting in an unlimited shelf life, longer fault free service and a rust free rotor hat which is often visible behind open alloy wheels. Frequently with uncoated conventional rotors, corrosion can impact the rotor mating with the wheel hub face over time and create a vibration that will feel like a wheel imbalance.

Rotors Product Page Swiftfit Coating


Quality straight from the casting thanks to proven HIGH CARBON METALLURGY, provides improved thermal stability & conductivity, and reduces the chance of warping when very hot.
Diamond Tip Slot’s that are specifically designed unidirectional slots and v-shaped dimples to efficiently expel gasses, dirt and water!
Faster installation SwiftFit coating for fitting without pre-cleaning, with corrosion inhibitors for a great look and will not degrade over time.
Bendix brake components are appropriate for the purpose intended and if installed by qualified staff, to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, can be used in logbook servicing.

Product Comparison

Leading Rotor Technologies

The leading technologies of Bendix ULTIMATE Rotors combined with Bendix’s unparalleled experience and absolute quality assurance ensure the rotors are ready for the demands of today’s vehicles and beyond. Bendix ULTIMATE Rotors not only feature High Carbon Metallurgy, Diamond Tip Slots and a Swiftfit Coating, some references even feature perfect brake cooling and the best possible thermal relief of the brake disc with a highly effective interior ventilation design.

Rotors Product Page Product Comparison


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