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The Bendix Electric Secondary Park Brake offers completely ‘bolt-on’ fitment and complements the existing OE park brake, with no change to the vehicle’s hydraulic mechanism, pad shape and original park brake.

Say goodbye to roll aways

To provide additional holding ability, the Bendix Electric Secondary Park Brake features rear left and right single piston calipers that act on the rear disc brake rotors, minimising the likelihood of ‘roll aways’ on steep hills, a scenario that can be worse when the vehicle is heavily loaded or towing.

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Peace of mind

Also included in each kit is the wiring harness and attractive OEM style control switch for dashboard installation. For added convenience and peace of mind, the Electric Secondary Park Brake kit maintains the vehicle’s ADR compliance.

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Bolt on fitment - no engineering required
Retains OE parkbrake
Automatic engagement options
Secure hold
Auto safe engagement
Unobtrusive cabin switch


  • Bolt on fitment
  • No changes to vehicle hydraulics
  • Retains OE park brake
  • Maintains ADR
  • EPB calipers engage directly with the rotor
  • Significantly improved hill holding
  • Provides additional security when loaded or towing
  • Designed for how you use your LandCruiser
  • Can be configured for ‘Auto on’ application
  • Ultimate 4WD™ Electric Park Brake Caliper meets the IP67 waterproof requirement in GB/T 4208
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Kit Contents

  • 2 × Brake Calipers with EPB Functionality
  • 1 × Wiring loom
  • 1 × Electronic Control Module
  • 1 × Control Switch
  • 1 × DB1200 Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads
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For a much-needed extra level of insurance against rollaways, Bendix now offers the Bendix Ultimate 4WD™ Electronic Park Brake! In this Bendix Trade Training Video, we show you how to install the all-new Bendix Ultimate 4WD™ Electronic Park Brake to the 70 Series Toyota LandCruiser!

NOTE: Installation by qualified automotive technicians only!


  • Bendix Ultimate 4 WD EPB Fitting Instructions PRJ08453
    Download PDF
  • Bendix U4 WD EPB Service Mode Instructions PRJ08456
    Download PDF

IP Rating

  • Bendix U4 WD EPB Caliper IP Rating PRJ 08470
    Download PDF


  • U4 WD Electric Secondary Park Brake Brochure February 2024 PRJ 08421
    Download PDF
  • Bendix U4 WD Upgraded Catalogue PRJ 08547 April 2024 v2
    Download PDF
  • Bendix Product Master Catalogue PRJ 08473 April 2024
    Download PDF
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