Specifically engineered for EV and Hybrid Vehicles, Bendix EV-Hybrid Disc Brake Pads use the latest Ceramic technology to meet the changing needs of EV braking systems.
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Specifically engineered for EV and Hybrid Vehicles

Made from organic materials, Bendix EV-Hybrid disc brake pads ensure a low environmental impact while ensuring low dust and noise levels. This means low particle emissions when braking, resulting in cleaner wheels and longer disc brake rotor life.

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Making wheels greener

The copper-free organic brake friction materials used in Bendix EV-Hybrid disc brake pads are certified to the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) ‘N’ rating. This rating confirms Bendix EV-Hybrid disc brake pads contain less than 0.5 percent of copper by weight and permits Bendix to use the AASA LeafMark™ ‘N’ icon. Certification as ‘N’ rated under the AASA LeafMark™ backs Bendix’s commitment to copper-free brake pads, to minimise environmental impact.

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AASA LeafMark™

The AASA LeafMark™ for friction materials represents one of the most stringent environmental standards for brake materials and the Bendix EV-Hybrid material has been tested and accredited by an independent lab and certified to meet this high standard.

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Green Titanium Stripe

A further advantage of Bendix EV-Hybrid disc brake pads is that they incorporate the Bendix Green Titanium Stripe for instant friction without the need for bedding in the brakes on installation, saving both time and money for both the installer and the customer.

  • Green Titanium Stripe requires no bedding-in
  • Saves you time and money in your workshop
  • Delivers stopping power straight out of the box
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Organic brake friction materials for minimal environmental impact.
Low particle emissions delivers clean wheels & long disc life.
Designed specifically for quiet operation & low noise.


  • Bendix EV Hybrid Disc Brake Pads PRJ 07886 2022
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