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VW Mk5 Golf GTI – Euro+ Brake Pad Kit Follow Up Review

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Jan 23, 2015

Earlier in the year, we were at Heasman Steering to install the recently released Euro+ Brake Pad Kit on a lucky participant’s VW Mk5 Golf GTI for the Bendix Test Pilot Program.

Minh’s Golf sees daily trips commuting to and from work on suburban roads and freeways, including frequent stopstart driving in Sydney’s peak hour traffic. With the kit designed specifically for the high standards of premium European vehicle manufacturers, and including all of the clips, pads, shims, sensors and more where contained in OE equivalents, it was the perfect candidate to put the kit to the test.

Not only does the Euro+ Brake Pad Kit meet the strict ECE Regulation 90 for the design, construction and performance requirements for brake pads, but it also comes with all the benefits including low dust and low noise found in the rest of the Bendix brake pad range. Plus, there are noticeable improvements to brake pad life, compared to the short life of OEM brake pads and rotors which often come as a surprise to European car owners.

So what did Minh have to say about his new brake pad upgrade?

“Driving home after the install, I was initially a little worried about the performance of the brake pads, and if what Bendix said would be true. All of my fears were gone after just a few minutes of driving, as I felt the braking performance kick in straight away. I was really surprised that these brake pads didn’t even need to be broken in, as with all other brake pads I’ve used in the past.”

“They have been perfect for me. Driving to and from work every day in Sydney’s notoriously heavy peak hour traffic, my old pads just couldn’t keep up. They were noisy during braking, lacked feel especially during heavy braking, and produced heaps of dust which I hated because I like to keep my wheels clean along with the rest of my car. Now all of those problems are gone with a quick brake pad change to these new Bendix ones. Even my passengers have noticed the difference. I don’t think I’ll be using anything else on my Golf for a long time!”

Chris from Heasman Steering was also extremely impressed with the new Euro+ Brake Pad Kit.

“European cars can be awkward to perform what is normally a simple brake pad change. Bendix have made things a lot easier by including everything required in their Euro+ Brake Pad Kit, so there’s no hassle or problems with the electronics and OEM hardware.”

For more information on the Bendix Euro+ Brake Pad Kit visit: http://www.bendix.com.au/euro

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