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Mitsubishi Triton Ute Heavy Duty Brake Pads and Brake Shoes Install!

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Sep 19, 2016

Dual cab utes are perfect for those who refuse to compromise between family useability and workhorse functionality. Andrew’s Mitsubishi Triton fits that bill perfectly and is our participant for this month’s Bendix Test Pilot Program.

The Triton is renowned as one of the best duel cab utes that money can buy but to keep Andrew and his family safe, it’s important to match his driving style and vehicle with the right brake pad formulation to achieve the best possible braking performance.

Andrew commutes in his Triton during the week which includes frequent stop/ start city driving, while on the weekends the rear tray is often loaded and he also does a fair bit of towing. Based on Andrew’s driving style, the most suitable Bendix product is the Heavy Duty Brake pad.

The Bendix Heavy Duty brake pads are ideal for those who find themselves in load carrying situations and demand heavy duty performance. They have been designed for situations involving frequent braking under load, such as towing and have been tested to ensure that you get the toughest brake pads on the market for the job.

Given that this Mitsubishi Triton is fitted with drum brakes in the rear, it’ll need a set of brake shoes and Bendix has you covered on this front as well.

Engineered for all road conditions, Bendix Brake Shoes are Triple Tested to ensure low noise, heat resistance and low dust. This means cleaner and quieter performance, improved stopping power and greater strength and durability. Along with that, Bendix brake shoe technology provides greater drum and brake wear life.


Click here to watch Episode #61 of Bendix TV to hear what Andrew had to say about his new Bendix brake setup: Bendix products are available from leading automotive stockists. Click here to locate your nearest stockist at:

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