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Media Release - Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe

Media Releases

Feb 28, 2013

The new Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe is technology developed by Bendix engineers to further improve initial stopping power.

The high friction Blue Titanium Stripe on the brake pad surface is designed to rapidly mate with the rotor when brakes are first applied. Full braking performance is achieved instantly, eliminating the need for you to bed in the brakes. Your customers will feel the difference, and the pads will be bedded-in in just a few stops after they have left the workshop.

The new Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe is another improvement in brake technology developed by the Bendix engineer. The Blue Titanium Stripe adds a new level of stopping power straight out of the box. The original Titanium Stripe eliminated the need for bedding-in Bendix brakes saving you time and money, now the new Blue Titanium Stripe goes even further, lasting longer and creating the ideal brake pad and rotor surface to give better braking performance right after fitting.

Bendix Blue Titanium Stripes made from metamorphic minerals that are created in nature under extremely high pressures and temperature, Bendix Titanium Blue Stripe is a thicker stripe that will last longer and withstand harsher conditions.

Your customers will feel the instant friction and positive pedal feel the moment they drive out of the workshop. This is a positive response that generates a high customer satisfaction level, confidence in your workshop and return business.

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