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Hybrid Fusion Technology - Advanced Integrated Braking Performance

Media Releases

Apr 29, 2013

Hybrid Fusion Technology is an innovative combination of Bendix braking science and engineering that

allows us to create integrated braking solutions for different driving styles.

Hybrid Fusion Technology seamlessly combines Bendix leading technologies with new friction material compounds.

The result generates advanced friction performance through the fusion of the Hybrid Fusion Technology integrates

different compound combinations that are formulated at a molecular level to determine how the brake pad material

is structured with STEALTH Advanced Technology, Blue Titanium Stripe, and Fibre Impregnated Rubber Steel Shims

into one innovative product.

No other brake pad merges so many leading technologies to deliver such an advanced integrated braking performance.

This advanced technology means+:

• OE stopping power with quieter braking and smoother performance

• Improved wear life of brake pads and rotors

• Improved environmental protection by using more organic materials

• Improved green friction and reduced brake fade

+Not applicable to all references, refer to individual product

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