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High dealer maintenance costs have long been synonymous with owning a European car, especially when it comes to brakes. Aftermarket replacement options help alleviate those costs, but with loads of options available, how do you know you’re getting the best possible product for your money? You talk to a Euro specialist like Harding Performance. One of Australia’s leading Euro specialists, Brisbane’s Harding Performance is a household name when it comes to supplying parts for Euro cars, and it’s easy to see why. Passion and expertise mean that they’re only happy supplying the absolute best for these cars. That’s why they supply and recommend Bendix Euro+.

Harding Euro2

Figure 1: Harding Performance has built their reputation in the world of Euro cars over decades of servicing, tuning, and racing.

Now why does Harding Performance recommend Bendix Euro+ to their clientele? Offering the very latest in innovative braking technology, Bendix Euro+ disc rotors are designed specifically for European vehicles and engineered for optimum performance, braking synergy and driving comfort. By utilising High Carbon Metallurgy, the Bendix Euro+ disc rotor features improved noise-dampening characteristics and heat dissipation. The higher carbon formulation strengthens the rotor, especially at higher temperatures, increasing braking performance and overall stopping power. This increased strength also improves high wear resistance and rotor durability, reducing the chance of the rotors warping once they get hot.

Harding Euro4

Figure 2: Bendix Euro+ disc rotors are designed specifically for European vehicles and engineered for optimum performance, braking synergy and driving comfort.

Harding Performance also tests a lot of what they sell to the public on their very own Volkswagen Golf MK7.5R Production Race Car to ensure that they’re only supplying the very best product.

Harding Euro3

Figure 3: Harding Performance utilises a MK7.5 VW Golf R as their weapon of choice for the Australian Production Car Championship.

The idea is that if it can survive the high-stress world of motorsport, that part is going to last you years and years in your own street car. Production Car Racing takes a standard road car and fits it out with the necessary safety modifications required for motorsport, such as a roll cage, racing seats and harnesses, and window nets.

Harding Euro6

Figure 4: The greatest difference between a Production Race Car and its OEM counterpart are the required motorsport safety modifications.

However, the engine and transmission remain relatively untouched, and the brake diameter is unchanged from their OEM specifications, making it the perfect test bed for product testing.

Harding Euro5

Figure 5: As part of Australian Production Car regulation, brake rotor diameter must remain unchanged from OEM specification.

One of the products that have seen extensive testing on the Harding Performance Golf R is our Bendix Euro+ brake rotors. Over a number of seasons, Harding Performance experimented with a range of different brake rotors, ranging from traditional 2-piece slotted and dimpled rotors to single-piece slotted rotors. In the 2021 Australian Production Car Championship, Harding Performance utilised a single-piece slotted rotor in the Golf’s brake setup. Testing at the 2021 Bathurst 6 Hour saw that with the Golf running brake temperatures of over 800° degrees and performing 4400 stops in six hours, the single-piece slotted rotor simply could not withstand the high-stress nature of endurance racing. The team found the rotors to be heat-stressed and cracked after pulling them out for a brake change, with the brakes shuddering and shaking through the steering wheel throughout the event – the last thing a driver needs to inspire confidence.

Harding Euro8

Figure 6: The condition of the slotted single-piece rotors after the 2021 Bathurst 6 Hour.

Moving into 2022, Harding Performance partnered with Bendix and fitted our Euro+ rotors to their Golf Production Race Car. After 130 laps of Bathurst, over 1500 brake applications, and brake temperatures of over 800° degrees, the team found the Euro+ brake rotors to be in much better condition, with the High Carbon Steel Metallurgy construction of the rotor lasting the entirety of the six hours.

Harding Euro9

Figure 7: Brake temperatures of over 800° are reached during the Bathurst 6 Hour event.

After their findings in 2022, Harding Performance turned to Bendix Euro+ brake rotors for the Golf in the 2023 Bathurst 6 Hour. As part of their braking strategy, Harding Performance looked to complete the entire six-hour event without a brake change, so the Bendix Euro+ brake rotors were a no-brainer.

Harding Euro10

Figure 8: LEFT - Slotted single-piece rotors after the 2021 Bathurst 6 Hour/RIGHT - Bendix Euro+ brake rotors after the 2022 Bathurst 6 Hour

This creates an enormous time-saving advantage, with other teams having to change rotors, pads, and sometimes even calipers during the event.

Harding Euro11

Figure 9: Bendix Euro+ brake rotors allowed for a no-brake-change strategy for the 2023 Bathurst 6 Hour.

This braking strategy paid dividends with the team finishing the 2023 Bathurst 6 Hour third in their class, with one set of Bendix Euro+ not only lasting the entirety of the event but also providing exceptional braking performance throughout.

CAR 8774

Figure 10: Harding Performance finished third in their class for the 2023 Bathurst 6 Hour.

At the end of the day, if a set of Bendix Euro+ brake rotors is capable of lasting a full 6 hours of high-stress endurance racing at one of Australia’s most demanding racetracks, Harding Performance is confident that they’re the perfect option for your street car. When it comes to getting parts for your Euro car, you can’t go past a supplier that lives and breathes them. Next time you’re up for new brakes, give Harding Performance a call and get yourself a set of Bendix Euro+.

Harding Euro7

Figure 11: If Bendix Euro+ brake rotors are capable of standing up to the extreme stress of endurance racing, they're perfect for your performance street car.

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