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“Can I Return This?” Rights and Responsibilities of Suppliers

Media Releases

Sep 22, 2015

The AAAA shares information about the rights and responsibilities of businesses when it comes to compliant returns policies.

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) requires businesses to provide consumers with certain guarantees for goods and service. However, consumer rights are not limitless and consumers are not always entitled to return goods or terminate services.

The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has shared an article exploring the particular circumstances in which businesses are required to provide consumers with a remedy and explain the benefit of implementing a clear returns policy which is compliant with the ACL.

Businesses must be careful in the way that they manage returns and terminations to ensure that they are satisfying their responsibilities under the ACL and promoting customer satisfaction while also ensuring the ongoing viability of the business.

Click here to view the full article at AAAA.

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