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While brake pads are generally similar in appearance, there can be major differences in the friction material each uses depending on the vehicle type, application and driving style they’re designed for – it’s therefore important to ask a few questions before selecting replacement brake pads.

Here are some considerations to help find the perfect match:

Along with stopping ability, what pad characteristics are most important to you? Pedal feel, noise suppression, low brake dust, or wear life? Depending on what they’re engineered to do, each type of pad will have different attributes.

Consider the style of driving that’s done and if the vehicle is used for commuting, long highway drives, enthusiastic driving or heavy-duty towing applications. How vehicles are used and driven impacts the frequency and intensity of the heat cycle brake pads go through, affecting overall performance and life expectancy.

These factors will all influence whether a high friction, high performance brake pad, or a quieter longer lasting pad for lower speed and more frequent stopping, is the best choice.

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Bendix's updated online brake selection guide is the easy way to ensure a perfect match next time replacement brake pads are needed.

Bendix Online Brake Pad Selection Guide

To assist in making good decisions, Bendix’s online Brake Selection Guide has recently been updated, and helps remove the guesswork when choosing replacement brake pads.

The selector provides an easy step-by-step process, giving drivers two options for finding the most appropriate pads. The first is to enter the state in which the car is registered along with the registration number; they’ll then be presented with a description of their vehicle and prompted to continue to a second page.

The next step asks them to choose how the vehicle will be used. Vehicle type dependent, they can select from ‘general suburban, country roads or freeways’, ‘hills and steep declines, towing or heavy loads’, ‘high performance (street)’, ‘high performance (track)’ or ‘off-road or touring’.

With the selection made, the guide then recommends one or more solutions from the Bendix brake pad range, ranking the pads in terms of their stopping performance, pedal feel, brake dust rating, life span and noise characteristics. Additionally, the selection guide gives recommendations about compatible brake rotors, available upgrades and ancillary products that can be used with those pads, before referring prospective buyers to a stockist or to additional product information.

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Brake pads can be selected using vehicle registration number and or vehicle type. Owners are then asked to nominate a driving style and environment, before the guide makes its recommendations.

As an alternative to entering car registration details, the selector also allows users to choose a vehicle type: ‘Passenger’, ‘4WD / SUV’, ‘European’, ‘EV / Hybrid’, ‘Van / Light Commercial’, ‘Performance’ and ‘Ute / Pickup’, before again prompting them to select from the driving categories mentioned earlier.

Depending on recommendations and requirements, Bendix offers eight brake pad solutions.

General CT™ Brake Pads. These are pads that use proven compounds to deliver reliable and secure stopping performance, coupled with a smooth and consistent pedal feel. Other benefits include noise and vibration absorbing shims for added driver and passenger comfort.

EV-Hybrid™ Brake Pads. The smarter choice for EV and hybrid vehicles. They use copper-free, organic brake friction material that sees them certified to Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) ‘N’ rating.

Heavy Duty™ Brake Pads. Multi-purpose pads designed for hard working vehicles that often tow or are used in other demanding applications. They offer longevity in high temperature conditions by working cooler for longer.

4WD/SUV™ Brake Pads. A range that’s specifically formulated for 4WD and SUV use – both on and off road – and provide low noise and dust performance as well as reduced brake fade at higher temperatures.

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Depending on requirements, Bendix offers a range of eight different brake pad types.

Euro+™ Brake Pads. Specially developed to offer superior braking for European vehicles, while delivering low dust operation that keep rims cleaner. Their braking performance in most cases exceeds OE equivalents.

Ultimate 4WD™ Brake Pads. Engineered for extreme conditions and hardworking 4WDs; they also feature Bendix’s premium Mechanical Retention System (MRS) for improved pad attachment strength, and a high-tech ceramic formulation that provides low dust and noise.

Ultimate+™ Brake Pads. A high friction pad that utilises an advanced ceramic formulation that provides a responsive pedal feel and elevated braking confidence no matter what the driving conditions. They also offer improved stopping power of up to 25 per cent compared to standard pads and greater brake fade resistance.

Street Road Track™ Brake Pads. A pad that’s ideal for sports and performance car owners who enjoy spirited driving in higher speed applications. These pads feature the latest friction material technology and have been extensively testing under extreme conditions to reduce fade.

To access the selection guide, scan the QR code below.

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