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Bendix Test Pilot: VW MK5 Golf GTi Brake Pad Install

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Oct 09, 2016

The VW Golf GTI has long been the yardstick for the hot hatch class, and has a huge fan club. For this month’s Bendix TV episode and part of our Test Pilot Program we’re going to be helping Frank choose the right brake pad to suit his MK5 Golf GTI.

When selecting brake pads it’s important to match the right brake pad formulation to suit your driving needs and vehicle. This will help you achieve the best possible braking performance and stopping distance.

The Golf is Frank’s daily driver which he uses to commute to University and work which is about a 70 kilometre round trip. He sees quite a bit of stop/ start traffic conditions where there are repeated brake applications, so he’s looking for a brake pad solution that will make his daily commute as comfortable as it can be.

Based on Frank’s driving needs, the most suitable Bendix product is Euro+, which is a brake pad kit designed for European vehicles like this Volkswagen and many more.

In this case, the kits for the Golf GTI also comes with the necessary clips, pads, shims and sensors, making the installation process even easier and saving you time.

They also meet ECE Regulation 90, which means you’re fitting quality brake pads specifically designed for European vehicles and engineered for optimum performance, braking synergy and driving comfort.

Euro+ brake pads incorporate outstanding characters that result in consistently safe and quiet braking as well as long running performance without fading.

It features engineered chamfers and slots together with a back plate that is protected by a shim which helps with absorbing noises generated during braking.

They minimise noise development during braking so well that they have been established as the quietest pad on the market (from the tests in line with SAE J2521).

Euro+ brake pads are made from an entirely new material that includes ceramic compounds and excludes any abrasive metal particles, producing a virtually dust-free brake pad and when compared to other European standard pads, Euro+ brake pads produce significantly less dust.

This means cleaner and brighter wheels on Frank’s Golf GTI!

Click here to watch Episode #62 of Bendix TV to find out more about Bendix’s Euro+ brake pad range.

Bendix products are available from leading automotive stockist. Click here to locate your nearest stockist.

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