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Bendix Test Pilot Program – How to install brake pads on a 2003 Holden Astra TS

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Mar 23, 2015

This March we visited our friends at Heasman Steering to film the latest Bendix TV episode. In this episode we demonstrate how to correctly install front and rear brake pads onto a customer’s 2003 Holden Astra TS City.

A common occurrence during the install process of the front brake pads (P/N: DB1424) are when mechanics attempt to install the outer front brake pad by applying force with a screw driver or similar tool. It’s important to note that the correct way to install the outer front brake pads is to take extreme caution as you insert the brake pad. The brake pad and outer clip must be eased into place by hand without the use of any tools. (Note: This process is the same for installing the front brake pads (P/N: 7690) on the Ford Focus LR 2002-2005)

Prash, the owner of this vehicle travels approximately 40km per day on suburban roads. The pads suited to Prash’s driving style are the Bendix General CT as they are your general purpose disc brake pads for passenger vehicles, specifically suited for general suburban, city and freeway driving.

“On my first drive home with the newly installed Bendix General CT brake pads I could feel the improvements instantly in comparison to the previous pads. What I’m quite impressed with is the initial bite performance. I am much more confident behind the wheel as I approach intersections. I would recommend them as your next replacement brake pads.” – Prash Ranjan

Watch the full video here!

For more information on the Bendix General CT, click here!

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