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Most of the trucks sold in Australia every year are Japanese, with Isuzu, Hino and Fuso being the favoured brands for many applications that need light and medium duty trucks to get a job done.

In recent months, Bendix has grown its Protrans™ brake pad offerings for these brands, catering for both late and earlier model examples. In some cases, range coverage spans back to the early 1990s – it’s a good thing too because the reliability of these trucks sees plenty of earlier examples still out on the roads.

Bendix has japanese trucks covered for brakes 1

Through its Protrans™ Disc Brake Pad range, Bendix has disc brake pads to suit a variety of Japanese truck brands across the light, medium and some heavy-duty weight classes.

The Protrans™ Disc Pad range include improved surface technology, high temperature resistance and reduced wear rates which all contribute to reliable and high-performance braking as well as reduced running costs. A further advantage is reduced brake noise, while mechanics and workshops will also appreciate the easy installation aspects of the product.

At the heart of the range is Bendix’s application of high-quality friction materials which are essential to meet the braking requirements of modern commercial vehicles – the pads provide a strong, predictable friction level regardless of the temperature, speed or axle load.

Bendix has japanese trucks covered for brakes 2

For even more demanding applications, Bendix's Protrans™ HD Disc Brake Pads offer outstanding performance in high temperate, high load and stop and start applications.

There’s also titanium bedding-in technology to ensure a positive pedal feel right from new. Bendix understand the enormous forces that come into play when heavy vehicles brake under load, and have developed products that have been extensively tested in Australia’s most difficult operating environments and climatic conditions to meet these requirements.

The range also meets ECE Regulation 90 (ECE-R90). This measure specifies the design, construction, performance requirements and test protocols for strict European regulations, this includes testing for braking capabilities, speed sensitivity, cold performance and other parameters.

Bendix has japanese trucks covered for brakes 3

Fuso's popular medium duty Fighter model, is one of the trucks covered under Bendix's expanded Protrans™ range.

Bendix also offers brake shoe kits and special heavy-duty Protrans™ HD Disc Pads for selected models working in extreme applications.

The Bendix Protrans™ Disc Pad range is available for selected Isuzu models including variants from across Elf, N, F, Series; Hino 300 Series; Fuso’s Canter and Fighter ranges, and the heavy duty Quon from UD Trucks.

Bendix has japanese trucks covered for brakes 4

In the light duty segment, Bendix offers a variety of options for Isuzu Elf, N Series, Fuso's Canter and the Hino 300 Series as pictured.


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