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There can be subtle differences between the braking components produced by different brands, and if these are ‘mixed and matched’ it may lead to reduced braking performance, reliability and longevity issues compared to installing system components from a single manufacturer.

Although the parts offered by the various brake component makers may be compatible for use in a specific vehicle, what often isn’t considered is how well brand X’s disc pads will work with brand Y’s rotors, brake wear sensors, shims and other system parts.

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Purchasing a complete brake package such as Bendix's Ultimate 4WD Big Brake Upgrade Kit, ensures all components are designed and engineered to work together, ensuring performance.

Quite simply, when replacing braking components, it makes sense to select replacement parts that are the same brand as what’s already fitted to the vehicle. In the case of Bendix products, all have been designed, engineered and tested to function 100 per cent in unison with each other and safely within optimum system tolerances.

The driver should also consider how well individual brake parts will work together such as in the case of some components having previously been upgraded. Certain brake parts are designed to provide better day to day driving performance, while other parts may be geared for the racetrack or to provide heavy-duty stopping power for towing.

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If mismatching components from various manufacturers are used, some level of modification may be needed to have them work correctly together, but performance could still be compromised.

In these scenarios, it’s possible to mix and match parts from different manufacturers, but you need to make sure the parts are compatible and offer the same level of performance. The same applies to mixing parts designed for different applications – as an example, brake pads designed for every day driving will not perform well on the racetrack.

To encourage the benefits of a single manufacturer fit for braking parts, most of the Bendix range is available in complete kits. As an example, Bendix brake pads where applicable to the vehicle application, are supplied with shims, brake wear sensors and abutment clips, ensuring complete compatibility along with added convenience.

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With a wide range of Bendix disc brake pads available, drivers should choose the pads that best suit their application, but also consider how the pads will work with other braking components. As an example, Street Road Track pads will work best when paired with a high performance disc brake rotor rather than standard rotor.

When a driver invests in a Bendix brake upgrade package such as the Ultimate+ Performance Brake Upgrade Kit, or Ultimate 4WD brake Upgrade Kit, disc brake rotors and brake hoses are also added to the equipment list. From a cost saving perspective, it’s more economical to purchase complete system components rather than individually, and for the mechanical trade installing components designed to work together will be an efficient and seamless process.

If using mismatched braking components from multiple suppliers, they may require some level of modification to function together. Along with the added time this may take to fit each component, any modification to the parts may void the warranty leaving the owner out of pocket if issues arise.

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Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Rotors are best matched with... You guessed it, Ultimate 4WD Brake Pads...

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