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On any given sunny weekend, garage doors, carport gates and storage units open in eager anticipation of the drive, as impatient owners end a weeklong wait to hit a favourite ribbon of tarmac behind the wheel of their classic car.

And while some of these vehicles are well over 50 years old now, they still deliver thrills and pleasure for owners, so finding quality parts to keep them driving safely – and being enjoyed – is important.

Bendix covers the classics 1

Bendix's extensive range of disc brake pads extend to cover many classic car models from Australia, the US, Europe and Japan.

When it comes to brake pads and shoes, Bendix holds a lot of stock for these vehicles, from Aussie and American muscle through to European thoroughbreds and Japanese modern classics. The search function on the Bendix website – bendix.com.au – is the best way to discover what’s available; searches can be made by vehicle make and model, registration / VIN or by part number.

Bendix covers the classics 2

Brake pads for a wide range of older Ferrari models are available in the Bendix range.

If Aussies muscle is the preference, Bendix offer front brake pad sets and rear brake shoe sets for Holden’s legendary HT Monaro. Front pads for this model are available in the General CT, Heavy Duty and Ultimate ranges for even greater performance.

Bendix covers the classics 3

Bendix have disc brake pads and brake shoe sets to suit early Falcons including GT variants.

If allegiances lie in the blue oval camp, Bendix also offer disc pad and brake shoe sets for the mighty XY Falcon range, and the catalogue goes back even further to 1960 (XK) for Falcon.

There are also options for US muscle including early Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros from 1970 onwards and C3 Corvette (from 1970). Other GM brands are also covered along with Mopar muscle including Charger.

Bendix covers the classics 4

For Monaro, Bendix offer a number of pad options from across its General CT, heavy Duty and Ultimate ranges.

For owners who enjoy the twisty bits, the Bendix range extends to vehicles including early Porsche 356s and 911s; for the beautiful Alfa Romeo 105 Series along with early Ferrari examples dating back to the 365 GT (2+2). There’s also plenty to choose from for owners of British marques with pads available to suit early Jags including Mk II saloons and E-Types, Austin Healy 3000, Jensen Interceptor, Triumph’s TR models and Stags.

Bendix covers the classics 5

English cars are also covered, including the XJ Series, E-Types and more.

Bendix also caters to the increasing popularity of modern classics, especially early examples of Japanese models including the Nissan GTR, Toyota Supra and Subaru WRX, offering disc brake pads for these cars.

Bendix covers the classics 6

Japanese modern classics such as the R32 GTR are well catered for within the Bendix range.

If a certain vehicle isn’t covered by the Bendix range, the search function provides a list of alternative compatible makes and models where pads may be transferrable.

Bendix is also currently developing a ‘short run’ solution which will allow it to create disc brake pads in low volumes to suit rare vehicles.

Bendix covers the classics 7

Owners of older Porsche 911s and its predecessor, the 356 have a choice of Bendix pads available.


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