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In Australia, heavy vehicles face huge challenges in their daily operation – extreme temperature variations, difficult road conditions and demanding, high kilometre applications can all take their toll.

Bendix Brake Shoe Hardware Kits boost maintenance efficiency 1

Handy for the workshop, Bendix Brake Shoe Hardware Kits include springs, pins, retainers and rollers

The braking system is at the forefront of this battering and from time to time, certain system components can suffer and even become compromised. If any hardware issues are identified as part of regular truck brake inspections, Bendix makes it easy to rectify with its Brake Shoe Hardware Kits.

The kits which comprise of springs, pins, retainers and rollers, are an efficient and cost-effective way of replacing any suspect parts without needing to outlay for a full brake shoe kit, which may still be serviceable with ample friction material remaining on the brake shoe.

Bendix Brake Shoe Hardware Kits boost maintenance efficiency 2

Bendix Brake Shoe Hardware Kits allow technicians to replace any suspect ancillary brake components without purchasing a full brake shoe kit, saving money especially if the brake shoes retain a good amount of friction material.

Bendix’s Brake Shoe Hardware Kits are available to suit a wide range of European, Japanese and North American commercial vehicles as well as trailing stock.


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