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BA Ford Falcon UTE – General CT Brake Pad Follow Up Review

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Nov 20, 2014

A few months ago, we introduced you to Sam and his BA Ford Falcon UTE, who is a recipient of a new set of Bendix General CT Brake Pads for the Bendix Test Pilot Program.

Before Sam changed over to his new Bendix brake pads as well as new brake discs and a Bendix brake fluid refresh, he complained of losing braking confidence and experienced a high amount of noise and brake dust in his UTE, which is his daily driven work vehicle.

We chose the Bendix General CT Brake Pads especially for Sam’s application, which sees him commuting to job sites and carrying heavy loads across city and suburban streets, and along freeways too. These pads are perfectly suited to him, being general purpose disc brake pads made to suit over 95% of all passenger and light commercial vehicles on Australian roads.

So what did Sam think about his new Bendix brake pads?

“They definitely delivered everything that was expected of them, and more! When I first drove out of the driveway at Heasman Steering, there was a great brake pedal feel straight away with lots of bite, and I was impressed. But what was really surprising was that over time, the braking performance just didn’t change no matter the situation. They gave a better and more consistent brake pedal feel than my old brake pads, which gave me a great confidence boost in the braking capacity of my UTE.

They were also super quiet. I heard almost no brake noise and felt no vibration whatsoever, even under heavy braking and with a heavy load in the tray.”

The Stealth Advanced Technology is Bendix’s revolutionary diamond-shaped pads which eliminate noise and vibration at the source. It works together with Bendix Noise Absorbing Shims, which utilises Fibre Impregnated Rubber Steel technology to make the Shims resistant to a range of climates and conditions, to further prevent the transmission of vibration and noise for the life of the brake pad.

“There was much less brake dust produced compared to the previous brake pads, which is great as now I don’t spend as much time keeping my wheels clean.

These pads are awesome. I’ll definitely be recommending them to my family and friends!”

For more information on the Bendix General CT visit: http://www.bendix.com.au/content/bendix-brakes-general-ct

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