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Bendix Test Pilot: Toyota 86 - Ultimate Brake Pad Install

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May 09, 2017

Toyota and Subaru has worked together to bring back the fun, affordable, rear wheel drive sports car. Back in the 80s, Toyota released a two door hatch and notchback. A feisty 1.6l twin cam engine was mounted up front, and power was fed to the rear wheels.

The car was light, brilliant to drive, and easy to enjoy, whether you were a novice or a racing driver. It was reliable, cheap to repair, and helped personified the spirit of Japanese cars. This car was the famous Toyota Corolla GTS, also known by its chassis code, the AE86. The Toyota 86 uses the same recipe, but updated it for the 21st century.

The svelte, sporty lines of the body replace the sharp angular ones of yesteryear, and the twin cam engine has made way for a modern boxer flat-four, supplied by Subaru. The lightweight, low mounted engine made it possible for the Toyota 86 to have a centre of gravity that’s mere inches off the ground, resulting in dynamic handling and feel.

The car turns into corners like it was born to do so. The boxer engine is not short on character either; it loves revs, and every prod of the throttle sends precise power to the rear wheels.

Step inside and the interior feels premium. When the Toyota 86 was first launched in 2012, many criticized the lack of refinement inside, with chintzy trim pieces and hard plastic everywhere. The face lifted 2017 Toyota 86 fixed all this. Soft suede-like cloth cover most hard plastics, with classy white stitching providing contrast on the steering wheel and seats. The instrument cluster has been updated with a futuristic digital info screen, while maintaining the massive rev counter in the centre.

While many will bemoan the lack of horses under the hood, the Toyota 86 and its precursor was never about power. Instead, it’s a sports car that a driver can enjoy, whether in traffic, or on the track.

The popularity of the Toyota 86 has been staggering, and the aftermarket industry has responded in kind. It can be modified in just any way you want, from a grand tourer, to every day race car.

Bendix has a range of brake pads to suit daily drivers to track day warriors, or anywhere in between.

The Bendix Ultimate is a high performance brake pad that is engineered for pure stopping power on windy roads or on the track. However, daily drivability is not compromised, thanks to the special Bendix noise absorbing shims.

Providing excellent pedal feel from the get-go, the Bendix Ultimate is highly tolerant of extreme temperatures for fade free braking.

Bendix Brake Pad Part Numbers

Toyota 86 GTS/GT Front Brake Pads: DB1491

Toyota 86 GT Rear Brake Pads: DB1803

Toyota 86 GTS Rear Brake Pads: DB1789

Click here to watch the full video report on the Toyota 86 Ultimate brake pad install. Click here to find out more about Ultimate. Click here to locate your nearest Bendix stockist.

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