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Question: My customer complains that his brake pads are wearing out too quickly.

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Aug. 17, 2018

Cause: My customer complains that his brake pads are wearing out too quickly.

Solution: High pad wear can occur for a number of reasons, firstly the hardware of the car needs to be in good working order. Caliper seizures or uneven braking causes high wear rate. First, check the car's mileage and service history to see if the calipers has ever been overhauled. When the rear brakes are not doing their share of braking, rapid wear of the front brakes will result. Check to see if the booster/master cylinder/proportioning valve are out of adjustment. Calipers must be overhauled at 60,000km intervals.

The issue may also be related to the pad selection, heat cycle and driving style. Driver abuse can also cause rapid wear. When brake pads continue to operate at above rated temperatures the wear rate increases dramatically. Find out what brake pads has been fitted as it may be wrong for your customer’s driving style application. If the vehicle is heavily loaded or the driver drives in a spirited manner, then review the pad selection from the Bendix Brake Pad Selection Guide, or go to the Brake Selection Guide and choose the appropriate material for your customers driving style/ load conditions, and change brake pads if needed. For More information visit

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