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Bendix technicians are dedicated to building more control, less noise and faster installation into every new pad we create. With the Bendix leading technologies that are seamlessly combined with new friction material compounds. The result generates advanced friction performance through the fusion of the complete range of Bendix innovations. From our Blue Titanium Stripe for instant bedding-in, to our whisper-quiet STEALTH Advanced Technology; we continue to drive braking technology forward.

STEALTH Advanced Technology

Continuing our tradition of category leading innovation, we have developed a new brake pad to deliver whisper quiet braking, silky smooth operation and noticeably less dust. The top moving Bendix...

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Blue Titanium Stripe

The Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe is technology developed by Bendix engineers to further improve initial stopping power. The high friction Blue Titanium Stripe on the brake pad surface is designed to...

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Ceramic Technology

Manufactured using a premium grade ceramic formulation for superior noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) control. The benefits are consistent pedal feel, enhanced durability, high fade resistance,...

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Superior control, extended life. Bendix 4WD/SUV pads are manufactured using EPR (Epoxy-modified Phenolic Resin), a high tech material that bonds the friction material together, even at extreme...

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Works harder, cooler and longer. Bendix Heavy Duty pads are made from a specifically developed compound to deliver hard working performance for all sorts of load carrying situations, for longer. They...

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Absolute Stopping Power. Bendix Ultimate is tested using High Performance Certification (HPC). These international standard tests define the highest level of braking performance. Bendix Ultimate has...

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Bendix Brake Wear Indicator

New innovation in brake pads It’s now easy to see when to change brake pads, and your customers will appreciate the definitive evidence that replacement is necessary.

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High Carbon Metallurgy

Bendix ULTIMATE Rotors incorporate improved noise dampening characteristics and heat dissipation by utilising HIGH CARBON METALLURGY.The higher carbon formulation increases rotor strength at elevated...

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Diamond Tip Slot

Specifically designed slots and v-shaped dimples to more efficiently expel gasses, dirt and water.The balanced pattern has evolved from racing, and allows you to feel absolute control in hard braking...

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Bendix rotors feature SwiftFit surface protection that allows the rotor to be fitted immediately without the need to clean anti-rust oil or coating from the surface. SwiftFit surface protection...

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