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Bendix Test Pilot – HSV Maloo Street Road Track Brake Pad Install

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Nov 02, 2016

The performance utility is an icon in the Aussie automotive offerings, after all why should the others get to have all the fun.

Here we have Theo and his HSV Maloo Ute which packs both performance and practicality into one neat package.

As part of our Test Pilot Program and for this month’s Bendix TV episode we’re going to be helping Theo choose the right brake pad to suit his HSV.

When selecting brake pads it’s important to match the right brake pad formulation to suit your driving needs and vehicle. To achieve the best possible braking performance and stopping distance we asked Theo how he uses his vehicle.

“It’s a daily drive, [I use it] to and from work up until last year but I recently retired so I use to and from Bunnings these days.

“I also belong to three car clubs, so on the weekends I enjoy taking it out for the odd trackday or down the Eastern Creek quarter mile.” says Theo.

Now Theo’s Ute is no joke, packing over 400 horsepower at those big rear tyres and when Theo goes for a spirited drive, we want him to be able to use the car with complete confidence.

Based on Theo’s driving style, the most suitable Bendix product is the SRT pad, which stands for Street, Road, Track. We recommended the Street Road Track brake pads as they are a great fit for Theo’s driving needs, they’re a great performing brake pad for everyday street duties and the occasional trackday.

The Bendix Street Road Track brake pads are ideal for those who demand high performance brake pads without compromising everyday drivability. They feature race technology developed by the world’s leading high performance friction material manufacturer, as well as gaskets to reduce noises typically associated with high performance brake pads.

Click here to check out Episode #63 of Bendix TV to find out more about Bendix’s Street Road Track brake pad range:

Bendix products are available from leading automotive stockist. Click here to locate your nearest stockist.

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