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Part Number Change: 7000 AND S700 SERIES to DB Series!

Media Releases

Mar. 21, 2018

FMP Group is migrating older 7000 and S700 series part numbers to the current DB series part number system.

The following part numbers have changed and new orders will need to be placed for the new part number. If orders are receivedfor the old part number they will be updated and the product will be supplied under the new part number.

To avoid over and under supply claims, the label will show the new DB reference with the old part number after it. For example DB1771 4WD Supersedes S728A

Invoices, packaging labels and online catalogues will also be updated to show the new part number.

Barcodes and pricing have not been changed .For any further information please contact Customer Service on 1800 819 666.

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