Media Release - Advanced Blue Titanium Stripe Brake Pads and Shim Technology Demonstrated by Bendix

Media Releases

Feb 28, 2013

The latest advanced developments from Bendix engineers, the new Blue Titanium Stripe brake pads and brake noise absorbing shim technology are currently being demonstrated by Bendix field representatives throughout Australia.

The new Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe brake pad technology has been developed to further improve initial stopping power and providing a new level of power right out of the box. The new Blue Titanium Stripe is designed to mate with the rotor when the brakes are first applied to provide full performance thus eliminating the need for bedding in. The original Titanium stripe pads had eliminated the need to bed in the brakes saving time and money. This latest technological breakthrough, utilising metamorphic minerals created by nature under extreme pressures and temperatures, goes even further. With a thicker pad it lasts longer and creates the ideal brake pad and rotor surface allowing drivers to instantly experience better friction and improved pedal feel. Advanced Bendix noise absorbing brake shims have been designed to effectively prevent the transmission of vibration and noise from the brake pad by reducing the effect of dynamic forces generated during braking.

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