Changes to DB2358 for Brembo Calipers

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May 05, 2019

This Brembo caliper has been fitted to many vehicles, and has had many disc pads with different wear sensor, groove and chamfer configurations to mitigate any noise.

All friction causes vibrations, and most brake and suspension components have natural frequency they vibrate at. If the Pad or Caliper’s natural vibration frequency matches the vibration frequency coming from the friction surface it becomes an audible noise.

The standard approach to stop noise was by adding a noise-dampening shim on the back. Recently another approach was created, weights were added to the pad to change its natural vibration frequency, so DB2358 was developed from the original DB1678.


With the introduction of DB2358 it was found that the large round weights could come into contact with the inside of the wheel rim on some wheel designs. To rectify this the shape of the weights was modified so that they don’t protrude from the caliper as much.

We are reintroducing the DB2358 with the modified weight design.



  • Bendix Brakes Product Bulletin Changes To Db2358 For Brembo Calipers Prj 07281 2019
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