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Dec 05, 2016

Word was out that the November End of Month Meet will be the last for 2016, so the whole of Sydney decided to turn up! Attendance was massive, and many cars were forced to park on the grass at the end of the field.

With the current RMS ban on GC8s for P-platers, imagine our surprise when we spotted a red p-plater rolling in with one. And with a lady at the wheel, we definitely had to get up close and ask her more about the car. Lauren’s GC8 has a 4in exhaust cannon with GReddy coilovers, running about 10 pounds of boost on the stock setup. Overall, it is an extremely clean car, and we look forward to more p-platers and women to come to the EOMM more often!

One of the legends of the JDM scene, the Toyota Supra RZ snaps necks wherever it goes. Brittany’s exterior modifications adds even more to the aggressive curves of the Supra, ensuring attention wherever it goes. The aesthetics include Ridox side skirts, headlights and taillights with carbon fibre inserts, TRD wing, a carbon fibre diffuser, and an aggressive vented carbon fibre bonnet. It’s not just about looks though, as the staunch 2JZ has been contains aftermarket cams, and roars through a HKS titanium exhaust.

When we spotted David’s immaculately restored Datsun 1600, we knew it had to be on the Cars of Bendix. Rebuilt from the ground up, the fresh Datsun rocks a tough 295rwkw thanks to a large turbo strapped on to its engine. The body panels were perfectly straight and resprayed in a sinister black. Place and period correct Simmons FR wheels finished it off perfectly.

Gavin’s carefree MX-5 caught our eye just as he was about to leave. One of the few MX-5s in attendance, the mismatched rims and custom Rocket Bunny rear wing was the first thing people noticed. There were more drift car styling cues such as the blast pipes and the slammed stance on Yellowspeed coilovers. However, the interior was classic MX-5, with the ubiquitous Sparco Sprint V bucket seats and a leather Nardi steering wheel for maximum driving pleasure.

Based on the Mk.6 Golf R, the Scirocco takes the Volkswagen AWD hatchback platform with a potent turbocharged 2L and adds supercar curves to it. Muri added his personal touches, such as a 3M matt grey wrap and 19in HRE wheels. Under the bonnet, a host of bolt on parts ensures the Scirocco goes as fast as it looks, with 275kw at all four wheels. You can also be sure to hear it arriving or leaving with its Armytrix titanium tipped exhausts.

This was the last issue of Cars of Bendix for the year. Bendix would like to thank all the cars of Bendix winners, and all those that attended. We look forward to seeing you all next year!

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