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Diamond Tip Slot

Specifically designed slots and v-shaped dimples to more efficiently expel gasses, dirt and water.

The balanced pattern has evolved from racing, and allows you to feel absolute control in hard braking situations.

The specifically aligned slots and v-shaped dimples keep your brakes primed and ready for the next corner. Bendix Ultimate rotors use dimples, rather than holes, at the precise depth to give greater braking power, while still retaining the strength of a solid rotor.

Diamond Tip Slot means

• Performance improvement & fade

• Reduction de-gas through dimples

• Slots clean pad & face de glaze

• True one rotor fits both sides (bi directional)

• Diamond tip increases pad bite & self cleans

• Great pedal feel for instant response

• Dimpled pattern resists cracking seen on cross drilled rotors

• Even friction for steady braking experience

• Quiet mirrored curved X slot design

Diamond Tip Slot means

Bendix brands featuring this technology

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