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If you work in the mining sector, 70 Series LandCruisers are probably a common sight. However, one all too common complaint with the Toyota is their poor factory park brake function. In the mining sector, steep inclines and heavy loads are a part of everyday life. Couple that with a poor factory handbrake and a roll-away is just waiting to happen.

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It goes without saying that this poses an extreme safety risk for yourself and for those around you, not to mention potential damage to equipment and property. One of the most common prevention methods for roll-aways has long been digging trenches to chock the wheels. But that’s only effective where the trench is used and does not solve the core brake issue.

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Bendix now offers the perfect solution to this problem with the Ultimate 4WD Electric Park Brake. The kit features replacement rear calipers and brake pads that utilises an Electric Park Brake Function along with working in conjunction with the OEM drum park brake assembly, heavily improving the vehicle’s park brake holding capability.

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The Bendix electric park brake can also be set up with ‘Auto On’ functionality. You can have it set to apply the Electric Park Brake when the driver’s door is opened or when the engine is switched off. This can be configured at installation, with no user-override to provide a safer work environment for your team.

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The kit includes the wiring loom and switch to make it all work, and retain bolt-on fitment, the OEM hydraulic mechanism, OEM pad shape, and OEM park brake, while maintaining the vehicle’s ADR compliance. This keeps brake parts as OEM as possible and minimises downtime when outfitting your fleet vehicles with the Bendix upgrade.

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Safety always comes first and by fitting your fleet with the Bendix Ultimate 4WD Electric Park Brake you can protect yourself and those around you from roll-aways on the worksite.

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