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There are many vehicles on Australian and New Zealand roads – particularly 4x4 and 4x2 utilities and their wagon derivatives – relying on braking systems that incorporate rear drums.

In certain vehicle types and applications, drum brakes can offer strong braking performance as well as some other benefits.

Bendix Brake Shoes 2

In certain vehicle types and applications, drum brakes can offer strong braking performance as well as maintenance benefits.

One of the main advantages of drum brakes is that they’re easier, faster and more cost effective to maintain – the all-in-one enclosed drum design provides easy access to the braking components, and replacing brake shoes is achieved by prying loose the brake shoe springs, clips and parking brake cable. An experienced technician can likely replace a corner in 10 minutes or less.

Replacement brake shoes typically also cost less to purchase than disc brake pads, while they also normally last longer because of a larger increased friction area to share the load, compared to brake pads.

Bendix Brake Shoes 3

Bendix Brake Shoes are efficient to replace, with an experienced technician likely to complete a corner in around 10 minutes.

Bendix Brake Shoes

Bendix offer a high-quality range of brake shoes to suit a broad selection of vehicles including Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Mazda BT50, Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi Triton, Holden Colorado, Nissan Navara and other popular workhorses.

Bendix Brake Shoes 4

Bendix offer a high-quality range of brake shoes to suit popular 4x2 and 4x4 utility vehicles and their wagon derivatives.

Unlike most competitors, the Bendix Brake Shoe range has been extensively tested in local environments, resulting in brake shoes that outperform others across all driving conditions, by offering a superior lifespan, greater noise and dust suppression, and importantly, better stopping power.

Bendix Brake Shoes feature advanced technology that provides an advanced bond between the lining and shoe platform, delivering enhanced durability under tough driving conditions. The semi metallic friction material formulation also extends the life of the drum and lining.

Triple Tested

All Bendix Brake Shoes are ‘Triple Tested’, providing drivers with the peace of mind of knowing that their brakes will excel across three key performance criteria.

In stopping power testing, Bendix Brake Shoes perform at a consistently high level, providing good braking friction even at elevated temperatures of 300°C. The brakes are tested to the equivalent of five kilometres of steep downhill driving, in frequent and sudden stopping conditions.

Bendix Brake Shoes 1

Bendix Brake Shoes are 'Triple Tested' and perform strongly across key criteria including stopping power, noise and dust performance and strength and durability.

Test two covering noise and dust management applies the B8E6-170 testing method based on percentage stops over 70dB. When conducted on local roads against a leading competitor, the Bendix product achieved the OE target level with a little over 10 percent of stops exceeding 70dB, compared to well over 50 percent for the competitor.

Strength and durability testing under the strict ISO 6312 measure also saw Bendix Brake Shoes exceed the shear strength requirements of ECE Regulation 90, the European standard, providing longer wear rates and longer drum life span.

For more information visit: https://www.bendix.com.au/product-range/brake-shoes

For further information:

For more information free call the Bendix Brake Advice Centre on 1800 819 666 or +61 3 5327 0211 from overseas (8am-5pm Monday to Friday EST), e-mail us at: brakeadvicecentre@bendix.com.au or visit our website www.bendix.com.au

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