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Owners of Volvo’s safe and stylish XC40, XC60 and XC90 SUV models can now enjoy the braking performance and reliability of Bendix’s Euro+ range. Available for model year 2018 to current, several front and rear options have been released covering rotor sizes from 16” to 18” (302mm to 345mm).

Euro+ Brake Pads are specially developed to deliver superior braking performance for European vehicles and are an ideal replacement for OE pads. They meet ECE Regulation 90 that specifies the design, construction, performance requirements and test protocols for strict European regulations. Other benefits are low dust operation that helps keep rims cleaner, and braking performance that in most cases exceeds OE counterparts.

Euro Brake Pads

The benefits of the Euro+ Brake Pad range are now available to owners of Volvo XC40, XC60 and XC90 models.

4WD pad range grows

Bendix has also extended its range of 4WD pads for Nissan X-Trail (2022 to current) and Hyundai Santa FE (2018 to 2020), offering front pad options for these popular family vehicles. A new front HD pad has also been released for this same Santa FE model.

For more serious off roaders, the 4WD range now covers the Jeep Grand Cherokee L (2022 onwards) with both front and rear options. And building on last month’s first to market 4WD pad release for Dodge RAM 2500 and 3500, Bendix’s offering for these pick-ups has been further broadened with front and rear options for all models from 2019 to current.

The final vehicle now covered by the latest 4WD brake pad range expansion is the LDV D90, with a rear pad option on offer to suit models from 2018 to current.

Bendix’s 4WD range is designed for 4WD and SUV use – both on and off road – and provides low noise and dust performance as well as reduced brake fade at higher temperatures.

Bendix 4 WD SUV disc brake pads

The range of Bendix 4WD-SUV disc brake pads has grown to now cover more Jeep, Dodge Ram, Nissan and Hyundai models among others.

More Ultimate 4WD Brake Rotors

Upgraded brake rotors are an important modification that owners of four-wheel-drives should consider, especially if towing heavy loads, are running larger tyres or have the added weight of accessories. For these situations, Bendix’s Ultimate 4WD™ Sports & Performance Disc Brake Rotors are the perfect solution.

These rotors have four-wheel-drive specific metallurgy which increases rotor strength at elevated temperatures while also providing high wear resistance.

They also feature high efficiency cooling pillars, that channel cool air into the rotor, expelling hot air faster, while additional braking performance is achieved through Bendix’s Diamond Tip Slot technology. This feature uses specially designed slots and V-shaped simples on the rotor surface to expel gasses, dirt and water more efficiently.

Ultimate 4 WD Brake Rotors

The extra stopping power of Ultimate 4WD Brake Rotors can now be enjoyed by more D-Max, BT50 and Patrol owners.

As of this month, there are Ultimate 4WD™ Sports & Performance Disc Brake Rotors to suit mire vehicles including front rotors for Isuzu D-Max and Mazda BT50 from 2121 onwards and a rear option for QE and QF Series Pajero Sport (2015 onwards).

Y61 Nissan Patrols (2001 to 2012) with 4.8l engine also receive a rear option, as does the tough Chevy Silverado 1500 (2020 onwards). Ford people should also be happy because F-150 models from 2018 onwards are now catered to through the Ultimate 4WD™ rotor offering – model dependent there are front and rear options to suit.

Y61 Nissan Patrol

Ultimate 4WD Brake Rotor options have been launched to suit additional Nissan models, including Y61 Patrol.

Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kits for Holden and Mitsubishi

Bendix’s Ultima Ultimate 4WD™ Brake Upgrade Kits offer the convenience and efficiency of providing all components an owner might want to upgrade the braking performance of their four-wheel-drive in one package (available for either front or rear).

The kits include two Ultimate 4WD™ Brake Rotors, a set of Ultimate 4WD™ Brake Pads, a vehicle set of Ultimate Brake Hoses, a litre of heavy-duty brake fluid, a can of Bendix Cleanup, a tube of Ceramasil Lubricant, Bendix rotor wipes, with all contents packaged in a tough 60 litre Bendix Icebox.

Ultimate 4 WD Brake Upgrade Kit

Owners of Holden RG Colorados will be pleased to learn that their vehicles are now covered by Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kits (front).

Rear kits have been introduced for QE and QF series Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, and for standard Pajero spanning NS, NT, NW (V97W and V98W*) models from 2006 to 2016. And for Holden RG Colorado models from 2012 to 2016, front kits are available both for standard and plus 2” (50mm) ride heights.

*Only suits V97W and V98W models with 332mm discs.

Pajero Sport

Ultimate 4WD Brake upgrade kits are now available for selected Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and regular Pajero models.

For more detailed information on the latest Bendix brake component releases and applicable vehicles, visit: https://www.bendix.com.au/news-events?categories=new+releases

To learn more, contact your local Bendix stockist, visit www.bendix.com.au/stockists

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