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Disc and rotor change for Holden Colorado, RG 2018 – On

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Mar 30, 2020

Bendix have uncovered a change in rotors and pads affecting Holden Colorado RG 2018* – On.

Following testing and customer consultation, our team of engineers has developed a pad and rotor to match the 2018 – on Holden Colorado. The Colorado is one of the most popular work horses on Australian job sites.

Identifying the change ensures that owners have a choice when it comes to replacing their rotors and pads when required.

The change for 2018 – on affected Colorados is available immediately in 4WD/SUV and HD compounds.

The DB2481 (new) brake pad has cutouts on the ears which make fitting DB1841 (old) impossible.

Rotors have also changed for Holden Colorado RG 2018 - on as shown below.

Previously the Holden Colorado used an inboundflat-type rotor (BR2060) however, now it utilises a hat-type rotor (BR2079).

This allows for faster and easier fitting without the hassle of disassembling the hub, which means less time on the hoist.

Also available from Bendix is the Ancillary Solutions range which is designed to complement the Commercial Vehicle products, offering you all you need to complete the perfect brake change.


  • Bendix brake pads product bulletin disc and rotor change for holden colorado RG 201 PRJ 07609 2020
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