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Cars of Bendix - September 2016

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Oct 11, 2016

Here’s to another chilled out night down at Sydney Dragway for EOMM! Ever the showcase of Sydney’s quality automotive scene, here are our picks for September:

There’s no denying that the Datsun 260Z is a timeless classic. In a gleaming hue of dark metallic blue and rolling on some aggressively-fitted rims, this was a nicely restored and well-looked after example. Did someone say ‘Devil Z’?

The Team Australia Forza Dream Machine came out to play! Prepared by our friends at Tekno Performance, this Gen-F HSV GTS certainly stood out here at EOMM with its specially designed green and black Forza livery. Having been fettled with by the guys at Tekno, there’s a good chance that it’s got a bit more poke than it did when it first left the assembly line which is saying quite a lot when talking about the HSV GTS which is already pretty mental in factory form.

Of all the cars M-badged cars that BMW has come out with over the years, the E46 M3 has to be up there as one of the greatest. This particular M3 was painted in the eye-catching Phoenix Yellow, a factory colour offered by BMW at the time of the E46’s release, making it a popular choice for photographers that were out and about during the night. This M3 also looked as though it was set up for some track use, having been treated to a meaty set of tyres, a healthy drop and as well as some functional negative camber dialled in both front and rear.

Luke’s MY16 Subaru WRX has had a fair bit done to it thanks to the guys down at the Rumble Shack in Wetherill Park. A lot has been done by way of bolt-on modification, running an Inividia TI turbo-back exhaust, a Grimmspeed 3-port boost controller, Process West verticooler and cold-air intake. Tuned through a Cobb Access Port, this WRX has a decent amount of poke to say the least. Of course, handling hasn’t been ignored with Luke adding a Cusco brake stopper, Cusco Zero A coilovers and Whiteline lower control arms and sway bars both front and rear. To top it off, this WRX is rolling around of Lenzo Spec E rims wrapped in super-sticky Achilles 123S semi-slicks. With the amount of work done to this impressive WRX, it’s sure to be an amazing car to drive.

Everyone loves a clean AE86 and some might say that Alex’s Trueno is the perfect example. With a 20V 4AGE swap, a genuine J-Blood body kit, pumped front and rear guards, an aggressive set of Work Meister rims and that legendary ‘panda’ colour scheme, this AE86 makes for the perfect retro street car. Alex has some big plans for it in the near future so stay tuned.

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