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Cars of Bendix - March 2016

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Apr 10, 2016

There have been a lot of great cars turning up to End of Month Meet each month, and March’s dose of Sydney’s car scene was as awesome as ever!


This Mitsubishi Mirage had us double taking, with a front body conversion from a Mitsubishi Evo 5. We also wondered if this one was packing as much under the bonnet as its AWD cousin.

As much as EOMM is all about street cars, we can’t deny that we all have a soft spot for a nice track car. This Volkswagen Mk6 Golf R fulfils all of our trackspec fantasies with a stylish livery and sticky racing shoes together in addition to a carbon fibre front lip and sleek aftermarket wing mirrors. Keen eyes might also spot the ingenious use of conventional bonnet pins, which in this instance have been used to secure the front bar in place ready for a quick swap-out.

Subaru Outbacks are seldom seen modified within the Australian car scene, and for what reason we aren’t completely sure. Jason’s example is almost perfect in its execution of the ‘stance’ movement with tucked wheels and a roof mounted rack – a must-have item for any ‘stanced’ car. Plus, we love the front eyelids which make a refreshing and welcome return on this Outback. Is there a resurgence of old trends occurring, perhaps?

‘Stanced’ cars rarely travel alone, so we weren’t surprised to spot this Subaru Impreza sedan parked beside the Outback. The understated simplicity of the Impreza proves how important the quality of modification is over the quantity. Its sitting atop Work Meister S1 wheels almost flush against the guards, plus a front lip, front canards and rear wing bring together the race-inspired theme.

Rounding out Cars of Bendix for March EOMM is this 2-door Toyota Corolla E70 wagon. Those wheels might look like any old retro mags to the untrained eye, but to Toyota aficionados they are the holy grail – the TRD Tosco wheel.

Together with the classic Toyota IMSA livery-inspired decal, this Corolla wagon is bound to make any Toyota die-hard very excited.

That’s it for this month’s Cars of Bendix which is back on at April EOMM, so head on out with your car for your chance to win a Bendix prize pack and be featured in April’s Cars of Bendix!

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