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Cars of Bendix - February 2016

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Mar 09, 2016

Last month we introduced you to ‘Cars of Bendix’ as part of our support of End of Month Meet, where we’ll be choosing a few cars that we think are cool from each month to be showcased on the Bendix and EOMM Facebook pages.

February’s EOMM was titled #THEORANGEEFFECT EOMM presented by Cars For Hope, and despite the hot weather thanks to Sydney’s week-long heatwave, automotive enthusiasts from across the city and beyond gathered at Sydney Dragway for what would be another great evening car meet.

Check out the cool cars we chose for February’s Cars of Bendix:

February’s EOMM was all about orange, so this month’s Cars of Bendix wouldn’t be complete without an orange car like this early model Holden Gemini. We love anything old school, and this particular Gemini perfectly fused both Australian and Japanese car cultures with its perfectly restored bodywork and Equip wheels from Japanese manufacturer Work. And don’t forget the matching number plates!

Nissan Silvias are all the rage for people looking at drifting, as the large amount of spare parts and aftermarket support for the S-chassis means that fixes can be quick and easy. This S13 Silvia proves that you don’t need anything too fancy to achieve a drift-inspired look that would be right at home on the racetracks of Japan. Keen eyes will also spot the velocity stacks in the engine bay, indicating a naturally-aspirated approach that isn’t usually seen with the SR-series engine.

The Nissan R32 GTR was nicknamed ‘Godzilla’, and rightly so. This menacing example with its factory body kit and sitting atop a set of gold BBS LM wheels is a classic match made in heaven. It’s also great to see passionate enthusiasts of all ages keeping the automotive spark of yesteryear alive.

The ‘stance’ movement is as strong as ever in the Australian car scene, with this bright red Mitsubishi Evo illustrating that form and function don’t need to be mutually exclusive. If the blue chassis brace is anything to go by, we’re sure this example is packing some pretty serious horsepower under that bonnet!

Rounding out Cars of Bendix for February’s EOMM is this electric blue Toyota Hilux. It’s not too common to see modified compact utes or ‘mini trucks’ as they’re referred to in the USA, where the term was coined. This one was decked out from top to bottom in aftermarket parts to transform it from a basic utility vehicle to a show-stopping crowd pleaser, with its chrome wheels, chrome trim and the awesome rear tilt tray. Very rad!

We’ll be back at the March EOMM for another edition of Cars of Bendix. Make sure you come out to Sydney Dragway for your chance to win a Bendix prize pack and be featured in March’s Cars of Bendix! We’ll see you then!

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For more information about End Of Month Meet and how to attend visit the Facebook page.

To learn more about the Bendix Brakes range of products visit: www.bendix.com.au

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