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Cars of Bendix - April 2016

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May 05, 2016

End of Month Meets at Sydney Dragway never fail to bring us the very best that the Sydney car scene has to offer, and April’s meet was no different!

Nakai-san puts a different spin on each of his RWB builds and this 930 Porsche 911 was no different. Its light pink paintwork and custom-made 3-piece Fifteen52 F40 wheels, as well it being the very first of its kind here in Australia made it a true showstopper at EOMM.

This Nissan 200SX was one of the tidiest examples we’ve ever seen. With not much else other than a JDM aero body kit and a set of Enkei RPF1’s, it proves that simplicity really does go a long way.

Given the fact that the Subaru Levorg isn’t for sale here yet, you can imagine everyone’s surprise in seeing one having turned up at EOMM. Subaru Australia brought down this particular example, an imported Subaru Levorg test car with all the STI options. Its predecessor, the Subaru Liberty wagon, has been massively popular for years, so the Levorg is sure to be a huge hit when it’s finally released here in Australia later this year.

Everyone knows how capable the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG with its AWD system and its fire breathing 2.0 litre turbocharged engine, and it isn’t afraid to show it with some very aggressive styling cues. This particular A45 AMG changed things up a bit with a set of RAYS G25 wheels.

The FC3S Mazda RX7 is somewhat of a rarity in the Sydney Car Scene nowadays, so it’s always nice to see one around. This RX7 featured a BN Sports full body kit, sitting atop a set of Enkei RPF1’s, which set off the Mazda’s classic shape nicely.

That’s a wrap for the April EOMM edition of Cars for Bendix. Make sure you head on down to Sydney Dragway for next month’s EOMM for a chance to win a Bendix prize pack and to be featured in May’s Cars of Bendix!

For more information about End Of Month Meet and how to attend visit the Facebook page

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