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Bendix Test Pilot Program - 70/80/100 Series Toyota Land Cruiser Follow Up

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Feb 19, 2015

We caught up again with Allan Whiting from Outback Travel Australia to see how his Bendix products have been treating him. Allan is a part of our Bendix Test Pilot Program in which he received new brake pads and handbrake shoes to fit and test on his Toyota Land Cruiser.

The Bendix 4WD/SUV pads we supplied to Allan are designed to cope with the water, dust and mud contamination that’s usual around bush travel vehicles’ brakes and have drainage grooves to help disperse water, grit and dust from between the friction surfaces and the discs.

After putting these pads to the test, Allan says, “I couldn’t be happier. The pads and new discs have given the Land Cruiser progressive, powerful braking that it never had before.”

“Since fitting the Bendix pads we’ve checked braking performance unloaded, part-loaded and fully loaded and it behaves the same in each condition. I have much more confidence now when approaching intersections!”

Of the Bendix Brake Shoes, Allan mentions, “Land Cruiser 70 Series, 80 Series and 100 Series handbrakes are notoriously poor performers and ours was no exception. It worked reasonably when holding on an uphill gradient, but was totally ineffective with the vehicle pointing downhill,”

“With the new Bendix drum linings in the handbrake assembly, performance in both situations is much better. Uphill grip is satisfactory, without the need to pull the lever almost out of the cab floor. I still ‘kerb’ the wheels for safety when facing downhill, but holding power is greatly improved.”

For safety and confidence to put your foot down on and off the road, Bendix have you covered. Our Bendix Test Pilot Program participants help us take our products to be tested where they will be used most – in the real world!

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