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Bendix Test Pilot Program – How To Install Handbrake Shoes To a 70/80 Series Landcruiser

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Dec 11, 2014

For this episode of Bendix TV, we’re back out at Heasman Steering with Outback Travel Australia to demonstrate the tricky job of fitting new handbrake shoes to a 70 & 80 Series Toyota Landcruiser and highlighting a crucial step in the install process to ensure the handbrake is correctly installed.

It is imperative that the brake shoe pin is installed in the correct position as an incorrectly installed pin can cause the handbrake to lock up and burn out.

As part of the Bendix Test Pilot Program, Allan Whiting from Outback Travel Australia is a recipient of Bendix Handbrake Shoes and 4WD/SUV Pads where he will put the products to the test in both daily driving as well as outback 4WD environments.

Bendix Brake Shoe technology has been completely redesigned, resulting in an advanced bond between the lining and shoe platform. The semi metallic formulation extends the life of the drum and lining, whilst the superior strength bonding delivers enhanced durability under tough driving conditions. The Bendix Brake Shoes have been designed to offer premium quality and performance to save you time and money.

To watch the video click here!

For more information on the Bendix Shoes click here!

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