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Bendix Test Pilot - Mitsubishi EVO 9 Brake Pad Upgrade - Follow Up

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Feb 17, 2016

When it comes to choosing brake pads, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Six months ago as part of the Bendix Test Pilot program we installed a set of Bendix Street Road Track Pads in Matthew Everingham’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 to see how they would perform (you can read the initial story here). Matthew Everingham is an Automotive Photographer from Sydney, Australia who focuses on the automotive industry.

In 2014, Matthew was awarded the ‘Australian Advertising Photographer of the Year’ by the Australian Professional Photography Awards for his amazing work for leading car manufacturers and magazine publications.

Also as the founder of automotive lifestyle blog, Speed Nation; Matt has owned a handful of Lancer Evolutions over the past decade with extensive knowledge around their braking systems so let’s see what he has to say about the Bendix Street Road Track pads.

How do the Bendix Street RoadTrack brake pads perform on the street?

Matt: It’s become quite common for drivers to believe that brake pads with high heat capabilities also have minimal bite when cold. However with the SRT pads I can happily say that this is not the case.

When driving to work in the morning the SRT’s have more bite than my previous set of pads and when the temps begin to increase you’ll notice initial bite has increased significantly when applying the brakes. I have great confidence in my brakes on the street. Time after time they offer inspiring brake performance with a firm pedal and consistent bite.

Did the brake pads suit the race track?

Matt: Your typical Super Sprint is a good example of an event where brake pads need to have bite from the word go. I was thoroughly impressed and surprised as they performed better than I expected on the track. Combined with high quality brake fluid, the pads lasted the entire session with ease. The tradeoff is they do have a little more dust, which is a fair trade off for their higher temp capability.

Any extra comments?

Matt: I’ve had the SRT’s for six months now and one of the standout benefits of the SRT’s is that while they offer a huge improvement in bite, it’s not overly aggressive for the average track day punter. You’ll actually find yourself using less pedal force, and everyday driving just feels that little bit smoother.

I needed a brake pad that allowed me to race on Sunday, drive to work on Monday and still be able to drop off the kids. The SRT’s appear to be able to do all that and more, so I can safely say I’ve found my new track pads.

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For more information on Bendix Street Road Track click here!

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