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Bendix Test Pilot - General CT Brake Install

Media Releases

Jun 24, 2014

As part of the Bendix Test Pilot Program we have one lucky participant who will get to try out a set of Bendix General CT Brake Pads.

Sam, the owner of this BA Ford Falcon UTE has been complaining about braking issues. He’s lost confidence in the braking capacity of his UTE which comes as a big drawback seeing it is his daily work vehicle which is driven 7 days a week. He’s also experiencing high noise and dust with the current set of brake pads.

Today, we’re at Heasman Steering once again to have Sam’s Ford Falcon UTE checked over and a new set of pads, discs and fluid install. It is really important when selecting brake pads that you chose a brake pad to match the driving style of the driver and vehicle design. Sam works as a builder which sees him commuting to job sites every day of the week. What he is looking for is a general purpose disc brake pad suitable for general suburban, city and freeway driving and the Bendix General CT’s are the perfect match for Sam’s application.

On with the job! We start on the left rear pad and disc install.

The current discs were badly scored, unevenly worn and with very little life left so we decided to replace the discs as well. Braking force is created by the brake pad and brake disc. If one of the two are not in optimal condition, the actual braking potential cannot be achieved. If the car is relatively new and there is still a lot of disc life left; the brake discs do not need to be replaced as they can be machined.

Out goes the existing rear brake pads. WOW! Here, you can see the brutal damage that the brake pad has taken on the outer skirts. Pictured below is a brand new General CT pad alongside the previously installed pads. Bendix General CT pads have always been designed to tackle the issues consumers dislike most: noise and dust, without compromise to stopping performance. They are quieter, cleaner and deliver a consistent pedal feel all day long. For more information on the features and benefits of General CT’s visit: https://clixtrac.com/goto/?175471

While the pads are off we make a handbrake adjustment. On goes the new Bendix General CT pads along with a brand new disc. We re-install the caliper and repeat the steps on the right rear. The rear wheels are put back on and we begin on the fronts.

Off comes the front left wheel and we begin to remove the existing front brake pads. Out goes the existing brake pads. On goes the new front General CT pads and new discs. We repeat the steps for the front right. Re-install the wheels and drop the car down.

Next up. We do a full brake fluid flush and then top it up with Bendix DOT 4 High Performance Brake Fluid. The mechanics pump the brake pedal and do one last final check before Sam is off for a test drive.

So what were Sam’s initial impression on the new pads? “Wow, the braking capacity is great! There was no need for bedding in. I could feel instant friction and a positive pedal feel straight out of the driveway. They also seem to be much quieter than my previous brake pads.” That’s it for now – we’ll catch up with Sam in a few months’ time to hear how the General CT’s are treating him. For more information on the Bendix General CT visit: http://www.bendix.com.au/content/bendix-brakes-general-ct

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