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Bendix’s new 2023 Brake Pad and Shoe Databook is out now, offering almost 1,100 pages of clear, concise and easy-to-find brake component technical information that will save time on every job.

Databook 1

Find brake components faster with Bendix's new 2023 Databook.

With so many passenger car, EV, 4X4 and light commercial vehicles available in Australia and New Zealand, it can be daunting to efficiently identify the correct braking components for the model in question – ordering incorrect parts wastes time and money.

Databook 2

The new Databook offers the convenience of the full Bendix range in a single resource.

The 2023 Bendix Databook makes the job of selecting the right parts easier by offering Bendix’s comprehensive range in the convenience of a single resource. Further helping technicians are descriptive illustrations and accurate scale drawings – brake pads are actually shown in 1:1 dimensions with precise measurements and descriptions.

Databook 4

The Databook shows brake pads in 1:1 dimension with precise measurements and descriptions.

Along with providing a full overview of the Bendix brake pad and shoe line-up, the 2023 Bendix Databook includes brake wear sensors, each with their respective colour markings allowing accurate selection of the required component. The Databook also provides selection advice allowing technicians to choose from a variety of compatible braking solutions, based on their customers’ application and driving style.

Databook 5

Illustrations are clear and precise, making identifying and ordering the correct component extremely efficient.

As with earlier Databook releases, three distinct cover logos (OE Logbook Servicing, Leading Technology – Stealth and Best Range) emphasise Bendix’s credentials as a quality manufacturer of replacement brake parts that will not void new vehicle warranties, while delivering one of the most advanced and comprehensive ranges available in the market.

Bendix range

Bendix's extensive range of brake pads and shoes are covered in the latest Databook along with auxiliary components such as brake wear sensors.

Copies of the 2023 Databook can be purchased by scanning the following QR code or by contacting your local Bendix representative.

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Databook 3

Easy-to-use, the Databook is a must for any workshop and is available for purchase at the Bendix website or by contacting your Bendix representative.

For further information:

For more information free call the Bendix Brake Advice Centre on 1800 819 666 or +61 3 5327 0211 from overseas (8am-5pm Monday to Friday EST), e-mail us at: brakeadvicecentre@bendix.com.au or visit our website www.bendix.com.au

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