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FMP Group, the company behind leading braking component systems and friction materials brand, Bendix, places a high value on its customer relationships. As a company we recognises the trust that users of the Bendix brake range have in our products, and this drives us to continue developing market-leading braking systems and components – it’s our responsibility to repay this customer trust.

To achieve this goal, FMP Group relies on the critical support, expertise and strong relationships with key partners, including packaging supplier, CMTP.


FMP Group Maintenance Buyer, Alan Harrison, said that the company had been working closely with CMTP since 2011 and that CMTP had delivered several efficiencies and benefits for Bendix.

“CMTP has been supplying pallets and mix cases to FMP Group for around 12 years, and over this time they’ve produced almost 46,000 standard pallets for us,” Alan explained.

“We were initially attracted to CMTP as it was a locally owned company with it’s head office in Colac, a short distance from our manufacturing facility and Research and Design Centre in Ballarat, Victoria.”

“Of course, more than being conveniently located, we needed a partner we could rely on and in this regard, CMTP has certainly come to the fore.”

Alan said that the early days of COVID were particularly challenging for manufacturers, with supply chain issues and shut downs affecting how brands such as Bendix could get products to market.

“CMTP looked after us during COVID when there were pallet shortages across Australia. We were still able to source this vital commodity from CMTP while others in our situation struggled to do so. CMTP’s commitment ensured that our products continued to hit the shelves, and that our customers could receive their vital brake components,” Alan said.

“Another attractive aspect of partnering with CMTP is the sustainability and quality assurance programs the company operates, which mirror a lot of our own initiatives as responsible manufacturers and good corporate citizens.”

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