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Bendix Build Your Own Service Label

Media Releases

Nov 19, 2014

Bendix has created an innovative ‘Build Your Own Service Label’ tool for Bendix members to further enhance their business and increase customer awareness.

The newest extension to the ‘Build Your Own’ section which already contains a Professional Flyer and Letterhead, allows members to create a professional business service label to record service intervals, registration renewal dates and VIN numbers.

Simple step by step instructions contained on the Bendix website guide members to upload their company logo plus a few business details and the tool creates a professional label in a few minutes.

A brief video on the Bendix site sets down seven steps to create a pdf file of the special service label that can be stored for future use. It is possible to create as many labels as you like and the files will appear.

To create the labels, members will require specially designed A4 Bendix Service Labels which can be purchased online from the Bendix store or by calling their Bendix representative.

“The new labels which come in lots of 20 sheets x 12 labels have a very professional look which helps to promote and further enhance the workshop business and increase customer awareness”, said Ian Bott, Bendix Marketing Services Manager.

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