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B-m@il - February 2016

Feb 25, 2016

Hello ! This month at Bendix, we’ve not only released 6 new brake pad part numbers and a product bulletin relating to those part numbers, but we’ve also released a new story from our Test Pilot Program, and much more! In this newest Test Pilot instalment, we follow-up a Street Road Track brake pad upgrade that was performed in June last year. And that’s not all! To compliment our Test Pilot Program, we’ve now launched ‘Cars of Bendix’, a selection of cars from the End of Month Meet at the Sydney Dragway. These cars will be showcased on the Bendix and EOMM Facebook pages. Stay tuned for monthly updates! With all this and even more packed in below, we hope you enjoy reading this month’s Bm@il! Yours Sincerely, Bendix Team

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