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Cars of Bendix - January 2016

Media Releases

Feb 18, 2016

Bendix are really excited to present the first issue of Cars of Bendix and being a part of the End of Month Meet in 2016.

It couldn’t have started any better with the first one for the year on 28 January. The weather was great and so was the atmosphere, with a lot of cool cars and passionate enthusiasts making it out to Sydney Dragway for an awesome night out.

As part of our support of EOMM we’re choosing a few cars from each month that we think are cool to showcased on the Bendix and EOMM Facebook pages. We’re calling it ‘Cars of Bendix’, so if you want your car to be a part of it make sure you get out to the next EOMM at Sydney Dragway on the last Thursday of every month.

January’s EOMM showcased some great offerings from the Sydney car scene. Check out the cars we chose for January’s Cars of Bendix: Here’s a quality example of the type of cars that come to EOMM each and every month. A Toyota Supra with a black on black theme gives it that clean stealth look, but it’s the race-inspired exterior and aptly named licence plate that drew our attention. This proves that a few choice modifications are the only real necessity for creating an eye-catching ride!

VK Commodores have a special place in the hearts of many Australians, and it’s easy to see why with this one decked out on big black wheels and finished off with some SS trim. And we’re sure it has enough grunt under the bonnet to take us straight back to a great time in Australian motoring history.

EOMM is all about enjoying car culture with your mates. This 1973 Datsun 1200 is a prime example of how awesome you can make an older car with a bit of hard work. It’s in a very distinctive colour (which we love) and sitting on a nice set of SSR Mk2 wheels for a truly authentic Japanese look. And don’t forget the fender mirrors to complete the nostalgic vibe.

Nissan Silvias are hugely popular amongst the Japanese car enthusiasts, and this one blends form and function very well in our opinion. It’s nicely lowered with the perfect wheel stance, and a subtle body kit with a huge wing to finish off the street-ready race look.

This Honda S2000 really hones in on the track-spec look; so much so that it looks like it rolled straight off the race track and into EOMM! It’s got a striking red paintjob and body kit complete with a Voltex Race front bumper, plus super light RE30 Volk Racing wheels and carbon fibre mirrors and rear wing for an aerodynamic advantage. The licence plate also harks back to a certain famous Japanese race track.

That’s it for this edition of Cars of Bendix for January EOMM! If this is the calibre of the cars at EOMM then we can’t wait to see what turns up at this month’s #THEORANGEEFFECT EOMM presented by Cars For Hope on 25 February. Don’t forget to come down for a chance to be featured on Cars of Bendix. We’ll see you then!

For more information about End Of Month Meet and how to attend visit the Facebook page.

To learn more about the Bendix Brakes range of products visit: www.bendix.com.au

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