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B-m@il - September 2015

Sep 28, 2015

Hello ! Bendix is celebrating 60 years of innovation and technology in Australia. So, in this month’s B-m@il you can watch a video that will take you back. Back through the history of Bendix, from when it was a modest manufacturing plant employing just 30 people, all the way through to today, as one of Australia's leading Automotive brands. There’s also a great article under our Bendix Test Pilot Program that explains how to ensure you are changing brake fluid correctly. This follows on from last month’s Test Pilot story on detailing how to correctly test brake fluid, to determine if it needs replacing. Then, if you're interested in some further reading, we've also included a very interesting article from the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association about the rights and responsibilities of suppliers when it comes to goods returns and service terminations. You’ll also find new part numbers, references and much more in this months B-m@il! Yours Sincerely, Bendix Team

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