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B-m@il - November 2015

Media Releases

Nov 26, 2015

Hello ! There’s plenty to read about in B-m@il this month, including a new instalment in the Bendix Test Pilot Program. For the program this month, Bendix highlights the importance of cleaning brake components, whether the components are new or needing to be serviced. Failing to follow the correct cleaning procedure can lead to uneven wear of a disc rotor, often referred to as Disc Thickness Variation (DTV). And that's not all, we've also included a product update for the Toyota Camry / Aurion V40, a new Bendix Poll, four new brake part numbers and an article from the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association about a controversial “Fake Wheel Test” announced by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI). We hope you enjoy reading B-m@il! Yours Sincerely, Bendix Team

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