The new Bendix Brake Cleaner Spray Bottle

Oct 23, 2018

The Bendix Brake Cleaner spray bottle (BBL1-PUMP) is specifically designed for use with hydrocarbon-based solvents, lubricants and petroleum products, applicable for brake cleaning, vehicle bodyworks, machinery and engine cleaning, degreasing, waterproofing and de-waxing fluids.

The Bendix Brake Cleaner spray bottle offers a number of features:

a) WIDE filling aperture (60mm) for easy refilling and minimise risk of chemical spill.

c) VISIBLE liquid level – Translucent tank with liquid level indication.

b) SAFETY valve with depressurization option.

d) ERGONOMIC pump and handle for comfortable operating.

f) SUITABLE material nozzle and high quality O-ring and gasket to withstand brake cleaner active ingredient.

e) PROTECTIVE sleeve – To prevent direct chemical contact and wear and tear on the gasket, hence extend lifespan and usage.


Product Testing

The sprayer has been tested with several high concentrations of the most common solvents, for example:

a) Naptha

b) Xylene

c) White Spirit

d) Decane

e) Heptane

The sprayer has also been tested in extreme conditions to ensure no leakage, deformation, pressure loss, or pumping mechanism failure and that the valve and seal maintain there integrity.

The product was tested at:

a) Maximum operation pressure at 14.5 PSI (3 bar)

b) 40 Degrees Celsius

c) For 15 days


  • Bendix Brake Pads Technical Bulletin New Bendix Spray Cleaner Bottle Prj 07139 2018
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