Superseding DB1772 to DB2482 for Toyota Hiace

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Dec 13, 2018

Toyota Hiace has been a long respected name in vans in Australia, and over the generations has grown in power, size and carrying capacity, putting the brakes under more and more stress.

Here at Bendix we are continually improving our products and we are proud to introduce a new pad for these hardworking vans – DB2482. We have used the familiar DB1772 backing plate and maximised the friction material that can be fitted onto the plate, increasing the thermal capacity and wear life without sacrificing performance. DB2482 is now available to purchase.


bendix-brake-pads-product-bulletin-superseeding-DB1772-DB2482-for-Toyota-Hiace-image3.png#asset:364386For customers convenience we have included the note “Supersedes DB1772” on the DB2482 carton label, and catalogues will be updated to show both parts during the transition.bendix-brake-pads-product-bulletin-superseeding-DB1772-DB2482-for-Toyota-Hiace-image4.png#asset:364387

Our Heavy Duty brake pads cater for vans, trucks, utes and other load-carrying vehicles. These workhorses operate under higher load and temperatures compared to your average road car, and thus have very specific needs when it comes to brakes. The Heavy Duty brake pad is specially formulated to withstand the high temperatures and loads that these workhorses operate under whilst still providing consistent performance.

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