Designed for Sports and Performance Cars – Street, Road & Track Brake Pads from Bendix

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May 30, 2013

Friction stability, low fade and high friction performance are all characteristics of the advanced disc brake pads from Bendix developed for the performance enthusiast where response to a driving style on the limit is required. Developed by one of the world’s leading high performance friction material manufacturers, the new brake pads incorporate the very latest in technology and have been exhaustively tested within the laboratory, on the track and on the road, under the most extreme conditions. Bendix Street, Road & Track brake pads have been designed to suit sports cars and performance car enthusiasts, where driving on the upper limit is the norm. The new brake pads feature a unique nitrile rubber coated shim for reduced noise and vibration damping, producing quieter performance braking. The innovative technology features a thin layer of nitrile rubber on both sides of the Carbon Steel shim, providing a greater level of friction for improved stopping performance and smoother, quieter braking. The advanced unique rubber to metal composite materials have been engineered for noise damping in disc brakes and combine a number of valuable properties including vibration insulation, compressibility and excellent adhesion. The Nitrile Rubber composite is excellent for applications with demanding insulation for vibration and noise, retaining its integrity even when subjected to high pressure and temperature, meaning you can brake harder for longer. Delivering consistently brilliant braking with high tolerance, high friction, low brake fade and longer wear, Bendix Street, Road & Track pads maintain optimum reliability and stability in all conditions. For trade customers see the Bendix posters, stylish packaging and special brochure and brochure holders, contact your Bendix area manager for more information. Bendix Street, Road & Track Disc Brake Pads are available from leading Bendix stockists throughout Australasia.

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