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Comparing DB1754 and DB2072 for Hyundai and Kia

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Mar. 20, 2018

Hyundai and Kia may use different disc, caliper and pad options within a vehicle model, this can be related to engine size,manufacture dates or even the intended country it will be sold in.

The disc pads DB1754 and DB2072 are similar in size and shape, with the obvious difference being the bottom radius. Both fitsome of the small to mid-size Hyundai and Kia models.

DB1754 has been designed for a Mando caliper on a 300mm disc rotor, while DB2072 is designed for a Mando caliperon a 280mm disc rotor. The Mando calipers on these models are so similar that the pads will fit in either, but they are not interchangeable and must be matched to the correct rotor size.

Using DB1754 on the smaller 280mm rotor instead of its proper 300mm rotor may result in the bottom radius of the pad coming into contact with the hub of the rotor possibly causing noise. When the pads are changed check for uneven wear pattern on the lower edge of the outer pad and any signs of contact with the rotor hub, the inner pad may also have a lip of unworn material on its lower edge.

Using DB2072 on the larger 300mm rotor instead of its proper 280mm rotor will mean the pad cannot sweep the full width of the rotor’s braking surface. This can leave a lip on the rotor as it wears. When changing the pads check that the rotor has worn evenly across its width, a noticeable lip will indicate the wrong pads have been fitted.

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