Changes to Brake Shoes BS1768 and BS5009

Media Releases

Sept 27, 2017

Both these Brake Shoes fit various Toyota models with a 254 x 50 mm brake drum. There are several parts that all look similar but have slight differences in the shape, and are different in the way the park-brake lever is attached, some parts have the pin attached to the brake shoe, and others have the pin attached to the lever.

What we have changed: BS1768 now has an improved web on the shoe with a longer loop at the bottom

Why we made the changes: BS1768 – Offers a shoe design that is similar to the OE part with the longer loop at the bottom that will make fitting the spring easier.

What we have changed: BS5009 has had the pin removed from the shoe.

Why we made the changes: BS5009 – was originally introduced without the pin, requests from some customers led us to add the pin some years ago. With the changes to BS1768 effectively making it the same as BS5009 we were able to remove the pin and return it to its original design to suit those applications where the pin is on the lever.

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